Evangelist Emmanuel Jongo of Sierra Leone was raised separated from his parents and raised in his formative years by an American missionary family. Public education is not available in Sierra Leone and therefore a solid education of any kind is also not available.

He was very blessed to receive a quality, private education with the help of his missionary family. By the age of 12, he had determined that if God would allow him, he would somehow ‘pay it forward’.

In 2017 he founded “Help the needy by faith”. He won the attention of a few generous donors and built Yahweh International Academy. He got it staffed, registered, populated and functional.

Early in 2019, as he was considering re-naming and re-branding the ministry, he met Apostle David Anderson of the USA. Apostle David Anderson is the senior pastor of Red Gone White Church and cofounder of Red Gone White Global Ministries.